JP to run for JSC clemency board

BY: latheef, 30 Nov -0001

Jumhooree Party Parliamentary Group has announced that the party will be running for the Judicial Service Commission’s Clemency board.

The secretary general of the Jumhooree Party Parliamentary Group, Hanimadhoo constituency MP Hussein Shahudhee said that Kendhoo constituency MP and local attorney Ali Hussein will apply for the membership of JSC while Shahudhee will apply for Clemency Board.

Shahudhee said that the Jumhooree Party made this decision to apply for these committees as the members of the Jumhooree Party were elected to serve the people.

“We were elected to serve the people. Therefore we want to take our responsibilities to fulfill that,” he said.

Ali Hussein said that the Jumhooree Party is not concerned who and who are applying for these posts and the party wants to be involved in serving the people. He said that he hopes that the Jumhooree Party members will get the votes of members from other parties as well.


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