President thanks India for the immense help India provides to Maldivian Military

BY: latheef, 30 Apr 2015

President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom has thanked India for the immense help India is providing to Maldivian military.

The ‎President made this remark while speaking at the function ‎held this evening, ‎to mark the 123rd anniversary of the Maldives National ‎Defence Force ‎‎(MNDF).‎ ‎

Speaking in this regard, President Yameen said that many countries have been providing military help and training to MNDF.

“I am not saying this to disrespect any country. India’s help is notable. India has always been providing military help to MNDF. They have been providing training, resources to enhance our military capabilities. I would like to thank Indian government for this immense help,” he said.


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