Success is maintaining a quality service without price hikes: Yameen Idhrees

BY: latheef, 2 Jul 2015

Hajj Corporation’s Managing Director Yameen Idhrees stated that the biggest success of the Corporation was ensuring that a quality service was given to the public without any price hikes.

Speaking to Miadhu, Yameen stated that the Corporation had received complaints that some Hajj groups had overcharged pilgrims even when the Corporation had fixed the rates. As such, Yameen reported that some groups had charged pilgrims between MVR 15,000 and MVR 20,000 in excess.

He added that the Corporation did not overcharge pilgrims. Yameen said that due to Hajj Corporation, most of the groups had upgraded their service and accommodation.

Pilgrims going to Mecca under Hajj Corporation are to be housed in five and four star accommodation.


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