The two terrorists who were terminated yesterday master minded the attacks on Masjid Ah-Nabawi : Saudi Arabia

BY: latheef, 8 Jan 2017

Saudi Arabia have said that the two terrorists who were eliminated yesterday were the master minds behind the attack on Masjid Ah-Nabawi during last Ramadan.

On the last 10 days of last Ramadan a group of terrorists tried to storm Masjid Ah-Nabawi. They tried to do this when the security guards were breaking their fast. When the guards tried to check them, the terrorists blew themselves up.

Masjid Ah-Nabawi is the second holiest mosque for Muslims. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is also buried in a proximity of the mosque. In addition, Riyaazuh Jannath is also part of the mosque. Hence, it will be a great sin to attack such a holy place.

During the time of the attack several thousand Muslims were also spending time at the mosque. They tried to blow the mosque at a time where there were thousands of Muslims in the mosque to offer Magrib prayers.


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