Maldives has the perfect constitution and it is being implemented perfectly : President Yameen

BY: latheef, 15 Feb 2017

President Yameen have stated that Maldives has one of the best constitutions in the world and that Maldives is able to uphold the constitution much better than most of the countries.

President said that even though some people say that the constitution is not being upheld in the Maldives, it is untrue and that the government has not done anything unconstitutional. He said that the government has not modified the constitution in anyway as well.

In addition, he said that Maldivians witnessed a time where the government was operating unconstitutionally. He said that everyone saw that the whole country was set on fire by these people. The president said that the country can only be developed when everyone abides the laws. He said that using sheer force all the time is not the human way.


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