If Nasheed comes back to Maldives party activities will be hindered : Hassan Latheef

BY: latheef, 15 Feb 2017

Chairperson of MDP Hassan Latheef have said that if Nasheed comes back to Maldives, the current activities will be hindered.

Speaking to the press he said that MDP is working on the belief that Nasheed will be able to contest in the presidential elections in 2018. He said that they will decide on a date to hold the party congress in the next national council meeting. The last meeting of MDP national council was held in Sri Lanka. Hassan Latheef did not say where the congress will be held.

In addition he said that more than 25,000 people voted in the election held to elect the chairperson. Most of the people who voted were from Addu City. Around 4000 people voted from Addu while 3000 people voted from Male’. Hence that is 7000 votes from Male’ and Addu. Rest of the votes should have come from the atolls apparently?


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