Health sector is progressing to a higher level : Next step is providing high end services : Nazim

BY: latheef, 15 Feb 2017

Health minister Abdullah Nazim have said that the Maldivian health sector is progressing towards a higher level despite the humble beginnings. He said that, the next target should be improving the quality of the services provided.

The minister made this statement while speaking at the symposium organized by ADK to discuss on ways to improve the safety and quality of health services in Maldives. Nazim said the cardiac lab and other services developed at IGMH by the government state of the art facilities and the government is trying to establish various other services of the same quality.

In addition, he said that there is no island without a doctor and there is no citizen in Maldives who do not have access to health care. “All the citizens have unlimited Aasandha” said the minister.

Nazim said that the government is doing a lot of work to control the quality of services provided in Maldives. He said that the government is succeeding at that despite the challenges. The minister noted that the government has made huge achievements in the last three years to develop the services provided by IGMH.


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