Reeko Moosa condemns studying from Islamic countries

BY: latheef, 15 Feb 2017

MP for Hulhuhenveyru constituency Reeko Moosa Manik has condemned Maldivians attaining higher education in Islamic countries.

Speaking at the parliament today, Moosa said that Maldivian go to “Jihad” because there are people who studied from “these countries” in Maldives. He said that there are people who are trying to radicalize Maldivians and that it should be stopped.

Moosa did not name any country where people do not go for “Jihad”. Also he did not explain what he meant by radicalization and who is behind this. In addition, he did tell which country the scholars in Maldives studied from.

If we look at the government many top officials in the government also studied from Islamic countries. It will not be possible to govern a country like Maldives without proper Islamic education. Scholars note that people who are against Islamic education are usually enemies of Islam.


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