This government made Quran an obligatory subject ! : Rifaau

BY: latheef, 17 Feb 2017

MP for Maafannu Dhekunu Abdullah Rifaau have said that even though Maldives has been an Islamic country for hundreds of years, it was this government that made Quran an obligatory subject in schools.

Speaking at the "Heyvalla" rally organized by PPM last night, Rifaau said that in addition to making Quran obligatory, the government has trained numerous amount of teachers to teach Quran within a few days. He said that these teachers are now teaching all over the Maldives.

Rifaau also noted that in MDP government number of students who passed in 5 subjects were at 30 percent. He said that however, currently the pass percentage is at 76 percent. In addition, he said that the quality of education is improving all over Maldives and that is something that we should be happy about. Rifaau also noted the work done by the government to improve the quality of teachers in Maldivian schools.


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