Supreme Court issues an order to suspend a civil court judge

BY: Mohamed Afrah, 17 Feb 2017

Supreme Court has issued an order to suspend civil court judge S.Feydhoo Bluemoon Mariyam Waheed.

She was suspended after she passed a ruling on a case that has already been ruled by the Supreme Court. Supreme Court issued a verdict stating that the government cannot be obliged to make a contract with Marine Technologies to lease V.Bodumohoraa because the government has a choice to make or not to make an agreement. However, Judge Mariyam Waheed ordered the government to make an agreement with Marine Technologies within 7 days.

Supreme Court annulled her verdict and stated that her action is against the constitution of Maldives and also against the code of conducts of judges. Supreme Court stated that hence, she does not have any authority to sit as a judge in any court of the Maldives.


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