Supporting PPM coalition is saving the country from a destructive ideology : President Yameen

BY: latheef, 17 Feb 2017

President Yameen have said that supporting the PPM coalition in the upcoming local council elections is saving the country from a destructive ideology.

He made this statement last night while speaking at the “Heyvalla” rally organized by PPM. President Yameen urged the people to cooperate with candidates of PPM and coalition partners DRP and MDA. President said that PPM is the party which can play the most important role in developing the nation. He said that hence it will be most beneficial to have PPM councilors.

President Yameen also advised the candidates who are contesting on PPM ticket. He said that the councilors must not only work for a salary and urged them to abandon that type of mentality. The president asked councilors to serve the country in the maximum possible capacity. In addition, he said that the purpose of electing councilors is to change the situation of islands which are in a poor state. He said that the councilors should fully cooperate with the government in developing the islands.

Everyone who spoke at the rally highlighted the importance of electing members who are running on PPM tickets.


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