What the opposition says is not true-they only want to hinder development: Dr.Shainee

BY: latheef, 11 Mar 2017

Fisheries and agriculture minister Dr.Muhammad Shainee have said that, there government is not involved in any dealings like the opposition describes and that their only aim is to obstruct development of the nation.

Speaking to Miadhu News, Dr.Shainee said that the government of Maldives never discussed anything with the government of Saudi Arabia about Faafu Atoll and, that it is a group of Saudi investors who are interested in Faafu Atoll.

Dr.Shainee said that, the government will reveal the details of the project once the discussions are over and if any land is to be leased on a freehold basis, the government will propose it to the parliament and it will be carried out with the approval from the parliament.

In addition, he said that there was no arrangement to sign any agreement regarding Faafu Atoll during the Saudi King’s visit. “What happened was when President Yameen visited Faafu Atoll, he announced about the project. At the same time, King Salmaan’s visit was also arranged. Then the opposition made up stories about the king’s visit” said Dr.Shainee.

Dr.Shainee said that people who love the Maldives will not want to obstruct development. He said that now what we see is a group of Maldivians trying to hinder development.

“This is nothing new right. They always do this. Didn’t they do this while people were in a really bad state after the tsunami ? “ said Dr.Shainee.

Dr.Shainee said that the government will work to bring mega investments to Maldives and it will be in accordance with the constitution of the Maldives. “Even now Chinese investors are investing in Maldives. Sri Lankan and Indian investors invested long back. That will not be called as Indian or Chinese government investments right. The opposition is trying to misinform the public” said Dr.Shainee.

In addition, he said that when Nasheed said that the government of Saudi Arabia is planning to invest in Maldives, foreign journalists didn’t believe this. He said that hence it will be hard to fool foreign journalists and researchers.
The people of Maldives fully support the government of Saudi Arabia to invest in Maldives in a way that Maldives will not lose sovereignty. Even if a referendum is held, 99 percent of the people will support it.


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