Qasims asks capable people in the country to work for the betterment of the nation !

BY: latheef, 20 Mar 2017

Leader of JP, Qasim Ibrahim has asked capable people in the country to work for the betterment of the nation.

In a ceremony held tonight to handover tickets to JP candidates running in the local council elections, Qasim said that there are thousands of educated and capable people in Maldives and it is their national responsibility to correct the wrongs in the country.

Qasim said that when stories of injustices, powerless institutions and all kind of vices are common, it shows that the parliament does not function as it should. Qasim said that evil acts are common because responsible institutions are not working as they should. In addition, he said that independent institutions are careless because the parliament cannot hold them responsible.

Qasim said that the parliament can be more responsible if the 8 members who left JP and the members who left MDP after being elected to the parliament returns to their respective parties. In addition, he said that if the majority of the people are saying that they want reform, all state institutions should listen to them and try to make things right.

Tonight, Qasim repeated that he was kicked out from the MDP coalition during their government, and from PPM coalition in the current administration for no reason. He said that it was because he was speaking what was right. Qasim said that no matter what happens he will continue to say what is right !


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