Insha Allah. We will fail the opposition – Nihaan

BY: latheef, 21 Mar 2017

PG leader of PPM, Ahmed Nihaan Hassan Manik have said that the government coalition will fail the opposition in the vote of no confidence planned against the speaker of the parliament by the opposition.

Nihaan tweeted tonight during a PG group meeting held with the president. Speaking about the vote, Deputy Leader of PPM, Abdullah Abduh Raheem said that on the day of the vote, the opposition will be face humiliation. He said that PPM and MDA will win this vote and are determined to do so.

The opposition will need a majority of the votes to remove speaker Maseeh from his position. This is the third time the opposition has attempted to take a vote of no confidence against the speaker.

This time the no confidence motion was initiated by the son of former president Faaris Maumoon. At the moment Maumoon is abroad and Nasheed has arrived in Sri Lanka.

It is expected that the government will win this vote easily.


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