Maldives does not support extremism – we support moderate policies: President Yameen

BY: latheef, 19 Apr 2017

President Yameen have said that Maldives does not support extremism and that Maldives always supports moderate policies.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the ambassadors’ conference at Hotel Jen this morning the president said that Maldives never supported extremism. He said that Maldives does not encourage it either and the ambassadors should let the world know about it.

President said that those who spread news relating Maldives and terrorism are doing it unjustly and that the ambassadors should do more work in revealing the truth to the world about the issue.

President said that since Maldives is an Islamic country there will always be people who cannot accept some of the policies of Maldives and that there will be people who would create problems for Maldives. He said that even so Maldives will not give up the Islamic identity of Maldives.

In addition, the president said that Maldives is not envious about any country and is ready to work with any country that respects the policies and affairs of Maldives. The president said that Maldives will not accept foreign influence just because Maldives is a small nation. He said that the only cause Maldives is vocal is about the Palestinian cause and that Maldives does not interfere in the affairs of other countries.
He requested the ambassadors to let the world know that rule of law is upheld in the Maldives and no one can act with impunity in Maldives.


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