Corruption can be eradicated through a proper legal framework : Auditor General

BY: latheef, 20 Apr 2017

Auditor General Hassan Ziyath have said that corruption can be eradicated through a proper legal framework.

He made this statement while speaking at the ceremony held at ACC to mark the national anti-corruption day. Ziyath said that as a result of corruption living standards go down and unintentional crimes increases. He said that to hold the government officials responsible it is important to raise awareness among the public.

Speaking in this regard the auditor general said that getting reach unfairly should be considered as a crime in Maldives and also that ACC should be given the full authority to investigate and take action in such cases. He said that preventing corruption is not the responsibility of any specific individual and said that it is an individual responsibility upon everyone. He said that corruption cannot be eradicated with the work of just one institution.

At today’s ceremony ACC released the first issue of their newsletter. The newsletter is about corrupt activities with regard to elections. April 21st is marked as the anti-corruption day.


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