Criminal Court issues a 15 day remand to Qasim Ibrahim !

BY: latheef, 21 Apr 2017

Criminal Court has remanded JP Leader Qasim Ibrahim in to police custody for 15 days.

Some people suspect that this was well planned in advanced by the government so that the government can win in the upcoming local council elections.

Speaking at the last gathering held at M.Kunooz, Qasim Ibrahim said that the government can detain him but his determination will not change. He said that even if an Ak-47 rifle is pointed at his head and even shoots, he will continue the work he is doing to enable the independent institutions to work freely till his death.

In addition, he said that he has never done anything which is unlawful and that he will never do in the future. He said that no matter how many investigations are conducted no illegal activities by him will never be revealed. “How can they releave something which I never did.” He asked.


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