National congress of JP to be held

BY: latheef, 17 May 2017

Jumhooree Party council has passed a resolution to hold the national congress of the party on February 2018.

In a council meeting held today at Kunooz, it was decided to hold the congress from 15thFebruary 2018 to 17th February 2018. The decision was reached with the consensus of all the members who took part in the council meeting.

Also, they passed to form a committee to advice Qasim Ibrahim and the party council with regards to administering the party more democratically. Secretory General of JP Ahmed Sameer said that capable youths and those interested in politics will get chances through the committee.

Sameer said that the committee will be consulted to create a vision for the future of the party and he said that many programs have been planned to further strengthen the party. In addition, Sameer said that this will be a good time for those who care about the nation to join JP and work with JP for the betterment of the nation. He said that this option is open for everyone.

Sameer said that even though JP did not win that many seats in the local council elections, their win is significant considering all the challenges they faced. He said that they will work hard for the candidates who won the seats and candidates who did not win the seats.


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