Education ministry awards student loans

BY: latheef, 18 May 2017

Education ministry has awarded student loans under the 9th round of tertiary student loan scheme of the government. In a ceremony held last night, students were handed an official notice, confirming the loan.

Speaking at the ceremony, the director general of Education Ministry, Dr.Abdul Raheem Hassan said that this is the 9th round of the loans and 80 percent of the students who applied for the loans received it. He said that those includes 70 percent of the students who applied for loans to study in Maldives and 88 percent who applied to study abroad.

Dr.Abdul Raheem advised students who did not receive the loan this time to apply in the next round. He said that it is a high priority of the government to provide higher education and hence no student should be disappointed. In addition, he noted that the recipients of the loans should start their studies within 12 months and he asked everyone to make use of it.

Speaking at the ceremony, Education Minister Dr.Shihaam said that the current administration has provided educational opportunities for 4300 students and those includes 380 nurses, 330 teachers, 125 doctors, 178 accountants, 72 engineers and 30 pilots.


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