Opposition coalition gathering to be held at Kunooz tonight!

BY: latheef, 18 May 2017

JP have stated that the opposition coalition gathering will be held at Kunooz tonight.

JP SG Ahmed Sameer said that they discontinued the gatherings held at Kunooz because of the conditions set by the criminal court on Qasim. However since the court has lifted off the conditions they have decided to hold gatherings at Kunooz.

Sameee said that even though PPM said that JP stopped the gatherings because even JP realized that they were creating hatred, this was not the case. " We are stating the truth. We are talking about the state of the nation. How can hatred be created from that" asked Sameer.

"Yesterday it was revealed why we had to discontinue our gatherings. Qasim was being punished for a non existent crime. Are they thanking us for that as well. Instead of thanking Qasim for stopping these gatherings would not it be better to thank those who are detaining Qasim just how PPM asks them to do so? " said Sameer.

Criminal court cancelled their conditions on Qasim after it was revealed that the police provided incorrect information regarding the case to the court. After that Qasim started taking part in the opposition gatherings.

In last night's gathering a lot of people gathered to welcome Qasim Ibrahim even though it was raining heavily.


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