Need assistance for those who got affected in the cyclone : Sobe’

BY: moosawaheed, 19 May 2017

Thirteen houses were affected in the cyclone that hit Addu. Government, Addu City Council and MRC started assisting those who were affected immediately.

The mayor of Addu City Abdullah Sodiq said that this is the first time Addu City council got assistance from the government so quickly regarding something like this. He also said that the people who got affected need assistance from others as well in addition to the aid given from the government.

At the moment, assistance is needed to repair roofs and other minor damages. Since it is the monsoon season, the houses without roofs are prone to more damage. There are various ways to assist those who are in need. Those who would like to assist can send money to the Addu City Council account of BML. The account number of Addu City Council is ‎7708-700341-004. The council requested to let the council know after depositing money. The council’s hotline number is ‎7905003.

One of the places that got affected during the cyclone includes the office of Ceylinco Insurance Company. However since a staff of the company was at the office at the time, they were able to save a lot of things. But, the ceiling and the roof of the office was damaged. A bookshop near by the office also got damaged.

Teams, from Housing Ministry, Addu City Council and MRC are working to determine the extent of the damage caused by the cyclone.


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