There is no use for those with incomplete Eeman to stay without eating in the name of fasting : Sheikh Ali Zahir

BY: latheef, 31 May 2017

Sheikh Ali Zahir have said that for a muslim the most important duty is to make the emman complete and even fasting will be complete only with eemaan.
Speaking at a religious lecture held at Masjid-Al Muhammad Thakurfaan on Monday, the said that Allah will not accept any acts from someone with incomplete eemaan. He said that hence such people refraining from eating in the name of fasting, will not do them any good.
Sheikh Zahir said that wealthy people around the world spend millions in good causes. He said that even though they get a good name in this world, their actions will not benefit them at all in the hereafter because they do not have any eemaan.

In addition, sheikh said that people with complete eemaan will not violate the rights of others and will not oppress others. In addition, such a person will never harm anyone else according to the sheikh.

Sheikh Ali Zahir said that Ramadan is the best month to do good deeds. He said that this is also mentioned in the Quran and he advised to do more good deeds and to fast in the perfect manner.


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