Maldives have made achievements at a global level in treating drug addicts : NDA

BY: latheef, 16 Jul 2017

Maldives National Drug Agency have stated that 94 percent of the drug addicts that go through rehabilitation program are successful and that this is a remarkable achievement at a global level as well.

Speaking at the function held to mark the International Day against illicit drugs, the chairman of NDA Colonel Ali Shahid said that illicit drugs which gained prevalence in Maldivian society in 1970s has now spread to all families in the country.

Colonel Shahid said that previously severe punishments were used as deterrence to crimes. In addition he said that the narcotics act which was passed in 2011 has helped a lot. “The center started with just one person, but now 274 are being rehabilitated at the center. When we introduced community based rehabilitation we have seen new developments” said Shahid.

Colonel Shahid said that Maldives is the only country in the region with a drug court and these works are bringing developments. In tonight’s function different institutions which provide job opportunities for ex-addicts were recognized. Companies like STO, Rainbow and MTCC provide jobs for recovering addicts.

The chief guest of tonight’s ceremony was Chancellor of Islamic University Dr.Shaheem Ali Saeed.


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