Work of transforming ECC to a hospital has begun.

BY: , 16 Jul 2017

The work of transforming Equatorial Convention Center of Addu City to a hospital has begun.

The project is conducted by Alia Constructions and they have constructed new pillars inside the center. The hospital will be two storied and the next phase is constructing a sheet. Health Minister Abdullah Nazim said that the hospital will be completed by July 2017. The project was contracted to Alia on 17th November for 161.8 million Rufiyaa. The project should be completed within 18 months.

An office complex and a service building will be developed outside ECC under this project. The 100-bed tertiary hospital will have three operation theatres, MRI service, CT scan, private rooms and a mortuary.

Most people of Addu City do not like the hospital being developed at ECC. They want the hospital to be developed on the land plot allocated for the hospital.


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