ADK Hospital discharges the quadruplets from hospital

BY: , 16 Jul 2017

ADK hospital has discharged the quadruplets from the hospital. They were discharged yesterday according to the hospital. They said that they children were in good health.

The MD of ADK Hospital Ahmed Afaal said that being able to deliver the quadruplets is an achievement to the health sector of Maldives and this was the first time in the history of ADK to deliver quadruplets.

He said that their mom was discharged earlier this month and the hospital tried hard to increase their weight to that of a new born baby under normal circumstances. He said that they were under intensive care and were monitored 24 hours.

The parents of the children are Fathimath Sumeetha,27 and Ahmed Ashfag,29. They are their first kids. Even though twins are common in Maldives quadruplets are rare in Maldives like other countries. In 1975 a woman from Addu gave birth to quadruplets however only one survived.


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