Faris Maumoon denies unlawful use of PPM’s logo and flag

BY: , 17 Jul 2017

Faris Maumoon has denied unlawful use of PPM’s logo and flag. The state has charged him with unlawful use of PPM’s logo and flag. However, the state has also presented witnesses against Faris Maumoon.

The state charged him for using PPM’s flag and logo during a press conference held on 22nd March which was held after he was removed from PPM. The state filed the case to the Criminal Court on 21st June and documents related to the case were handed over to Faris on 4th July. The first hearing of the case was held on 13th July.

If Faris is guilty of this crime he can be sentenced up to 18 months in prison. If he confesses to the crime, the jail time will be reduced to 6-7 months according to the PG lawyer at today’s hearing. PG’s lawyers said that this crime is a level 5 crime according to the penal code.

When Faris denied the charges, the state presented evidence against Faris. The evidence includes two anonymous witness testimonies, a letter by election commissions which states that Faris has been removed from PPM, and a video of the press conference on which Faris used PPM’s logo and flag.

In today’s hearing Faris Maumoon’s lawyer Maumoon Hameed raised a procedural issue and said that even though they requested the PG office for the documents related to the case, they refused to give them. Maumoon Hameed said that under the criminal procedures act the accused should get enough time to prepare for the case. Maumoon also expressed concerns regarding the schedule of the court hearings. He said that he would like to know why the hearing was reschedule to today while it was initially to be held on 20th July. He asked to provide this information in writing.

Answering to this, the PG’s lawyer said that all the information requested by Maumoon Hameed are not information available at the PG office and some of that information can be obtained from the police. In addition, the lawyer said that the letter by EC and the video recording of Faris will be given to Fairs but the details of anonymous witnesses cannot be given.

The next hearing of the case will be held on 23rd July at 11:30 am. The judge requested PG to provide information requested by Faris before that hearing. The judge noted that the upcoming hearing will be about the reasons why Faris denied the charges.


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