Education Ministry launches an education management information system !

BY: , 17 Jul 2017

Education Ministry has launched an education management information system as part of the ministry’s policy of not leaving any child.

The system was officially launched by Education Minister Dr.Aishath Shiham and the regional director of UNICEF Dr.Jean Goaf. T

his system will gather all information about high education and maintain it. In addition information about students and staffs of all the schools will be collected to this information system. Furthermore, this information will be accessible to those who require it easily.

Records of the education sector have been kept even before however it was recorded manually and hence there were immense challenges. This database will ensure that students attend the school and also can record important health related information of the students. Hence it will ensure that no child is left behind from attaining an education.

For instance, using the information tracked by the data base the school intervene based on the performance of a student. In addition, the database will also show students who are not attending school for various reasons and then will assist them. Furthermore, the system will also provide career guidance programs to students till they reach the age of 18.

In addition, since the system will be centrally managed, it will be easy to problems related to enrollment as well. Also, when students change from school to school, the information can be transferred securely.

While this database will be used by all schools of Maldives, it will be further expanded to higher educational institutions of Maldives. The system was developed with the aid of UNICEF.


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