Citizens will fly with happiness when the projects conducted by the government are completed!

BY: latheef, 17 Jul 2017

Once the projects conducted by the current government are completed the people of Maldives will fly with happiness. Maldivians will be the happiest in the whole world.

Housing Minister Dr.Muizzu said that different phases of developing 400,000 housing units is going on. The population of Maldives is not 400,000 yet. Hence when these flats are completed all Maldivians will get 4 flats. This will solve all housing problems and flats will be in excess. Even tourists will have more options.

Right now, people need jobs to fulfil their housing needs. Even now the government has created 64,000 jobs. The MD of HDC, Muhammad Simon said that once the second phase of Hulhumale’ is completed 100,000 jobs will be created. So this ensures 164,000 new jobs.

Since the population of Maldives is less than 400,000 and when children and the elderly are excluded it is quite possible that there will be no one to go for fishing as well. For sure everyone who wants all other jobs except fishing will get jobs.

President Yameen has said that fishing is the oldest industry in Maldives and hence he will revive the fishing industry. Hence based on these things we know that Maldivians will be the happiest in the world and that Maldives will be the most prosperous nation in the world.


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