Father of “Aasandha” is being denied health care – thousands of Maldivians are worried!

BY: latheef, 17 Jul 2017

Maldives introduced universal health insurance scheme “Aasandha” just 5 years ago.

It was not just 5 years ago that Maldivians were in need of Aasandha. People were in need of it even before. People were begging if they had to pay for medical expenses.

At the time, not many services were available from Maldives. Hence we remember well that people were suffering a lot those days. During that time when people asked for help it was Qasim Ibrahim who helped those who were in need.

Not only he paid bills people had to pay for the government hospital in Male’ but he paid people to seek health care abroad. He spent millions of dollars for people like this. Even now people do not get Aasandha like that, because when Qasim assisted he assisted to the patient and the patient’s assistant as well. He even provided with pocket money and appointed staffs to do this.

Qasim did not allocate a limit to his assistance to those in need. He helped until the patient recovered. Thousands of Maldivians got assistance from Qasim like this. He did not assist based on the person’s social hierarchy but assisted based on need. Starting from minor diseases to kidney transplants he helped everyone one. Even after he created a political party, he did not assist based on political ideologies.

Today Qasim is in a serious condition. He does not need Aasanda, but he needs the government’s permission to get treatment abroad. He never got treatment from Maldives in serious cases. He always visited Singapore or Germany for treatment.

Thousands of Maldivians are concerned about this. Qasim is the only one who helped Maldivians during their time of need. Qasim is now in need of medical treatment and his life is on the line. Thousands are praying for Qasim and wishing that he would make it through. They want the government to give Qasim the permission to go abroad to seek treatment.


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