Even if killed, Squeesed the whole nation will be proud of every single drop of blood that drips from Qasim Ibrahim

BY: latheef, 8 Aug 2017

Today Qasim Ibrahim is the leader of Jumuhoory Party. Before, he was the speaker of the parliament that wrote the new constitution that Maldives sees today.

When Qasim assumed the position of the speaker, no work was done to draft the constitution in three years. However, within 2 years after Qasim assumed the speaker position, the constitution was written and ratified. This was achieved due to the effort put into it by Qasim Ibrahim.

The constitution was drafted after many struggles and sacrifices. The government had the majority of the parliament. The rest were opposition members who were few in number.

Qasim was the speaker of the parliament all by himself. He did not have any others to back him within the parliament. The views of MDP and views of the government regarding the constitution was very different. No one wanted to give any leeway.

The work done by Qasim during those days to draft the constitution, was a great struggle and a sacrifice in bringing democracy to Maldives. These events will be written in golden letters in the history of Maldives. Even if some people try to wipe away these things from the history it cannot be done because it has been engraved in the hearts and minds of the people.

The hero who brought the new constitution to us is now admitted at the hospital. He is in a serious condition and his right to seek treatment has been denied. Even if religious lectures are held calling to give life to the soul, and saying that those who take part in killing an innocent soul will face justice, no government official seems to hear this. However, all these people claim to believe the Quran and obey the orders of Allah.

Those who have the power can kill Qasim Ibrahim. They can chop him up, put him in a grinder and grind him too. However, all the blood that will drip from him will proudly state that, they are the blood of Qasim Ibrahim who fought for the Maldivians in getting their rights. They will say that they are the blood of the philanthropist who provided thousands of people with financial aid to seek medical treatment. They will state that, they are the blood of Qasim Ibrahim, about whom which President Yameen said that he will not face any bad experience like the previous administration. They will state that, they are the blood of Qasim Ibrahim, who spent millions to elect president Yameen, spent millions to elect PPM parliament members.

While we celebrate the 9th anniversary of the ratification of the new constitution it is important to remember the hero who made it all possible.


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