Hama Hitachi promotion increased till 13thOctober

BY: , 10 Aug 2017

STO Improvement’s “Hama Hitachi AC” promotion’s length increased till 13th October. STO made this decision to give chance to as much people as possible and because many people have been requesting for it.

Under this promotion, the Air-conditions will be installed for free and installation materials will be provided for free as well. In addition, the AC will be given with 18 months warranty.

Under this promotion, ACs with 9000 BTU are being sold for Rf 7950. These were sold for Rf 9340 before. Acs with 1200 BTU are being sold for Rf 9500. Previously it was sold for 11295 Rufiyaa.

This is the only AC brand in Maldives which comes with a long-term warranty.


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