Higher education attainment percentage increased from 6 to 10 percent – educational expenses spent abroad reduced by 70 percent: Azleen

BY: moosawaheed, 11 Aug 2017

Home Minister Azleen Ahmed have said that a research done by World Bank shows that in 2012 number of Maldivians attaining higher education was at 6 percent. He said that however now it has increased up to 40 percent.

Speaking at a ceremony held last night to celebrate the second anniversary of Islamic University, the minister said that the expenses spent abroad by Maldivians for higher education has been decreased by 70 percent. He said that many courses which were previously not available in Maldives are now available in Maldives.

Azleen said that all these were a result of the policy changes brought by the current administration and due to the increase in higher educational institutions. In addition, he said that Islamic University and Maldivian National University also played a huge role.

Furthermore, the minister said that the government assumed office during a time when Islamic education was on the brink of extinction in Maldives. He said that one of the most important steps taken by the government to prevent that was the creation of Islamic University.

Azleen said that the education attained from Islamic University is very different compared to other universities. He said that hence, the country will benefit a lot from Islamic University.


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