Islamic University celebrates 2-year anniversary with great Success.

BY: moosawaheed, 11 Aug 2017

Maldivian Islamic University has celebrated their 2-year anniversary last night. The university has accomplished a lot in the past two years. Their achievements include introduction of graduate level courses and PhD courses. In addition they conduct diploma level courses and many other certificate level courses as well.

In last night’s ceremony, the university introduced a book which is a guideline on way forward and on how to conduct the affairs of the university in all regards. This is the first time an educational institution in Maldives introduced such a guideline. Staffs of Islamic University authored the book.

Speaking at the ceremony, Home Minister Azleen Ahmed said that it was a huge service to come up with this book meanwhile performing their duties at the university as well. Azleen noted that the university has made significant achievements in the past 2 years. He said that many universities assist Islamic University in many different areas.
Azleen said that, the Islamic University was able to accomplish this much, because former Islamic Minister Dr.Shaheem Ali Saeed resigned from his post and joined Islamic University to run the university.

Azleen also spoke about how important it is for President Yameen to develop Islamic University. Azleen said that if given the opportunity he is ready to teach at Islamic University for free.


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