Government is checking whether they have support after doing whatever they want : Opposition coalition

BY: , 12 Aug 2017

Ahmed Mahloof the spokesperson of the opposition coalition has said that the government is checking whether they have support or not after doing whatever they want.

Mahloof said that PPM is doing a lot to prove that they have support in the atolls. He said that people like Dr.Shainee are going to atolls and promising the people to pardon their traffic fines.

“I have been working in politics since DRP days. We have never worked like this to check whether we had support” said Mahloof.

Mahloof said that they can show that they have support in the gatherings they hold after winning the bi-elections. He said that the opposition will win B.Kendhoo bi-elections as well. “ In the most recent local elections it was proven that 70 percent of the people supported us. People’s mind cannot be changed from what PPM is doing now” said Mahloof.


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