Vegetables from Maldives is rarely seen in trade fairs – Is business too good that marketing is unnecessary?

BY: latheef, 12 Aug 2017

In the Food and Hospitality Fair that was conducted in Male’ last week, no food product from Maldives was seen.

Lot of products from India and Sri Lanka were seen in this fair where pioneers from the tourism industry attended. As for vegetables, most of it was from Sri Lanka.

A lot of fruits and vegetables are produced in Maldives. There are difficulties in marketing these products. Many people note that, Maldivian farmers not taking part in such a fair is a huge problem. It is important to think about using such opportunities to network and make relations with pioneers of the tourist industry.

We must find out why Maldivian farmers do not make the best use of such opportunities because often it is hard to get pioneers of the tourism industry to visit fairs targeted for Maldivian products.

Many corporative societies funded by the government are also producing many sorts of vegetables and fruits. Hence it is questionable why they do not use such fairs to market their products.


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