Maldives Medical and Health Expo to be held in November !

BY: , 10 Sep 2017

Maldives Medical and Health Expo 2017 is to be held in November. This is the only medical exhibition held in Maldives and it is organized by MV Medicals and MediLife Asia of India.

The expo will be held on 9, 10 and 11th of November in National Art Gallery and it is open to the public. Various information about the health sector will be provided during the expo.

The purpose of this expo includes, to create awareness in the society regarding the medical services available in the Maldives and also to provide information about medical services available in this region. In addition, the expo aims to assist businesses involved in the medical sector to grow and to provide opportunities for them.

According to MV Medicals any company involved in health-related ventures can take part in the expo. These include hospitals, clinics, medical labs, pharmaceuticals, pharmacy, beauty care, optical, food and nutrition, health insurance, medical information technology, traditional medicine and spa, fitness centers and medical tourism facilitators.

Those who are interested in taking part in the expo should email In addition, more information about the expo can be obtained by calling 7694749 and 3330636.


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