MTCC’s dockyard at Thilafushi opens with the largest boat hoist in Maldives .

BY: moosawaheed, 12 Sep 2017

MTCC’s dockyard at Thilafushi has been officially opened yesterday by the CEO of MTCC Ibrahim Ziyath. In the opening ceremony of the boatyard, a barge was moved into the sea using the newly developed boat hoist at the dockyard. This boat hoist can lift up to 200 tons.

Ibrahim Ziyath said that MTCC dockyard now has the capacity to build boats and so far, they have built 2 barges this year. He said that the barge that was transferred to the sea yesterday was built within 75 days.

In addition, he said that they will try to make the dockyard the best in the Maldives and even now this dockyard provides the widest range of services in the Maldives. “We have the capacity to service 20 vessels at the same time. If the vessels are small this figure can go up” said Ziyath.

Ziyath said that they have started the work of the slipway and it will be done before the end of this year. “Even now we are building a Dhoni as a pilot project. We can also do fiber glass works from here” said Ziyath.

Ziyath said that since MTCC has vessels of various sizes such a dockyard is very important for the company. “We are servicing company vessels as well. Now what we have done is developed our facilities so that we can serve the whole country. Our dockyard is the best in the Maldives in all regards” said Ziyath.

Ziyath thanked the staffs of MTCC who contributed in developing the dockyard since it was completed with the hard work of MTCC staff members.

Ismail Adham the general manager of MTCC Trading and Engineering Department said that even though the dockyard was completed today at this speed, previous management of MTCC also gave a lot of priority to the project.


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