Legal action to be taken if the opposition refuses to remove PPM’s name from the joint party statement !

BY: miadhu, 12 Sep 2017

PPM have stated that the statement issued by the joint opposition parties used PPM’s name in the statement they issued over the suspension of the 54 judges, and warned that if the name is not removed from the statement they will take legal action.

Speaking at a press conference held today, the Deputy Leader of PPM, Abduh-Raheem said that PPM’s name can only be used by the party council and the chief advisor of the party. He said that hence, former President Maumoon cannot use PPM’s name just because he used to be the party’s president.

In addition, Abduh-Raheem said that PPM always believes that the court’s make decisions after taking everything into consideration and hence PPM will always welcome decisions made by the judiciary. Party’s spokesperson Ali Arif said that the 54 lawyers were suspended for committing unlawful acts and PPM supports all actions taken towards upholding the law and that it should be done.


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