MIRA collects 1 billion Rufiyaa last August !

BY: miadhu, 13 Sep 2017

Maldives Inland Revenue Authority, MIRA has collected 1 billion Rufiyaa as revenue in last August.

MIRA said that with the revenue from August, the total revenue collected by MIRA this year is 10.9 billion Rufiyaa. They stated that 46.9 percent of the revenue is from goods and services tax, which amounts to 469.4 million Rufiyaa.

They said that, the second highest revenue is from land acquisition fees and it amounts to 16.2 percent of the total revenue collected. Meanwhile, business profit tax is the third while green tax comes fourth consisting 5.2 percent of the total revenue. Airport service charges comes the last which is 4.4 percent of the total revenue.

According to MIRA they collected 39.7 million dollars in August.


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