STO Home Improvement starts the service of installing elevators !

BY: latheef, 13 Sep 2017

STO Home Improvement has started the service of installing elevators in buildings.

Speaking to Miadhu News, the general manager of STO, Mohammed Murad said that they will officially inaugurate the service on 10th October, but still customers can pre-order elevators.

Murad said that they once the customers provide the details of the building in which they want to install the elevators, STO will provide details of the most suitable elevator to that particular building. Murad said that the cost of an elevator including installation is between 500,000 to 700,000 Rufiyaa. “Those who have credit facility with STO can get an elevator through that facility. Others should pay 70 percent in advance” said Murad.

The elevators imported by STO Home Improvement are Kone brand elevators. Kone brand is a Finnish product and a well-respected brand around the world. Murad said that in addition to installation, they will also provide after sales services of the elevators.

Kone is a company founded in 1910 and is well known around the world. The company made a profit of 1.023 billion in 2016 and has over 52,000 staffs.


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