Jumeirah Resort begins a Futsal tournament worth RF 15,000

BY: , 11 Oct 2017

Jumeirah Resort has begun a Futsal tournament worth RF 15,000. The tournament will take place from today till 22nd October. Teams from Velessaru resort, Vaadhoo resort and Anatara resort will take part in the tournament.

Total 6 teams are taking part in the tournament and two of them are from Jumeirah. The opening ceremony of the tournament was held at the resort last night. The opening ceremony was attended by senior management, staffs, and guests at the resort. Performances from Jumeirah’s music band was seen at the ceremony.

The first match of the tournament was held between Maithiri team of Jumeira and team Taj Resort. Jumeirah Maithiri team won the match by 5-0. The man of the match was Maithiri team’s captain Nimal Ahmed.

Boli Committee of Jumeirah and the HR department organized the tournament. The champion team will get 15,000 Rufiyaa and the GM of the resort Mr.Amith will give 10,000 Rufiyaa. In addition, the runner-up team will get 7500 Rufiyaa.

There are two groups in the tournament and the 4 teams with the most number of points will go to the semifinal. Previously Jumeirah Resort organized the competition to the staffs of the resort only. However, this year they invited teams from other resorts as well.

This is the largest futsal tournament organized by a tourist resort in the Maldives.


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