More than 1 billion people enter and leaves doors of Kone every day: Douglas

BY: latheef, 11 Oct 2017

Managing Director of Kone have said that more than 1 billion enters and leaves doors of Kone every day.

Speaking at a ceremony held yesterday to launch Kone elevators to Maldives, he said that in addition to elevators they also manufacture different types of sliding doors. He said that they have more than 400,000 customers all over the world and the number of customers are increasing.

He said that they have 50,000 staffs and they have offices in 60 different countries. In addition he said that they have 70,000 mechanics providing after sales service to Kone elevators.

Furthermore, he said that even the pilgrims in Mecca uses their lifts. Even in the haram there are 300 Kone elevators according to Douglas. “ In Mecca hotel 75,000 people uses Kone elevators daily” said Douglas.

Douglas thanked STO for choosing to work with Kone and said that Maldives is now part of Kone family.


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