Works on expansion of STO Supermart stopped with a court order

BY: latheef, 30 Nov -0001

Miadhu Daily has received information that the works on the expansion of STO Supermart have been stopped because of a court order.

STO stated works on expanding the Supermart with the increase of customers and products. In this regard, the company has expanded its Home Improvement and commenced its services.

All places in the STO building where the STO Supermart is located is leased with an agreement which gives STO the authority to ask the party which rented the place to vacate the place within three months. In this regard, STO made the request to the Café’ owners to vacate the place for the expansion works. However as the court ordered to stop the works until the court decides on a ruling.

Many people have been raising concern regarding the courts intervention of the Supermart’s expansion works when the company made the request as per the lease agreement.

Some critics have said that that the building’s owner is now in question. They say that they are not sure whether the building is owned by STO or the court.


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