Rubber stamp will not be put on all bills sent by the govt- Nihan

BY: latheef, 30 Nov -0001

Majority leader and Villimaafannu constituency MP, Ahmed Nihan Hussein Manik has said that rubber stamps will not be put on all the bills sent by the government.

Speaking to Miadhu Daily, Nihan said that regardless of the many bills sent by the government those bills which are in contradiction to the constitution will not be rubber stamped as it is without any changes.

Nihan said that even though PPM has the majlis majority, PPM will work within the confines of the constitution.

“The government will make sure that the bills are not against the constitution however all are prone error. So if there is any such bills then those bills will not be stamped,” he said.

In addition to this, Nihan said that the PPM will use the majority in the Majlis to save the country from economic, political and social crises.


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