Factors which contribute to spread of HIV are continuing to increase in society – Health Minister

BY: latheef, 2 Dec 2014

Interim Health Minister and Minister for Defense, Colonel Retired Mohamed Nazim has stated that although the number of HIV patients in the Maldives are low compared to neighbouring countries, factors facilitating to the spread of HIV are increasing in our society day by day.

The Minister made this statement at the Jumhooree Maidhan yesterday evening, briefly after the walk which was held in commemoration of marking AIDS day.

Minister Nazim stated that among the youth, the frequency of persons inclined to engage in such unsafe acts has increased, enabling the possibility of a sudden outbreak.

Additionally, Minister Nazim stated that it is the responsibility of each and every member of the society to create awareness and advise others to be safe and refrain from actions that may contribute to the increase of spread.

“Especially the health sector, youth related sectors, education sector, religious and social sectors are responsible to play a huge role,” stated the Minister.


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