If everyone works in the national spirit, the coalition will win the election with 80% votes : Qasim

BY: latheef, 12 Jan 2018

JP leader Qasim Ibrahim have stated that if everyone works in the national spirit then the coalition can win the presidential elections with 80 percent of the votes.

In a statement sent to the rally held in Maamigili island by opposition coalition, Qasim stated that the opposition candidate will get more than 80 percent of the votes. He said that, to get this result it is important to put forward the national interest rather than the individual interest.

Qasim said that the opposition has experienced the results of division and even the people has seen the results. He said that the coalition will face the 2018 and 2019 elections with that experience and as one.

“If we contest in this manner then the people’s determination will not be changed even if they are showered with dirty money. The people know where that money comes from and they will not sell their beloved nation for such dirty money” stated Qasim.

Furthermore, Qasim’s statement highlights the importance of all political leaders working together to form a coalition government for the betterment of the people. He said that it can be done by opposition parties working together to come up with a single candidate. He said that the opposition should show the people a candidate who can give them hope and someone whom they can give their allegiance to. Qasim said that JP will give their support to such a leader.


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