I don’t believe that militant groups can make their own states- Islamic Minister

BY: moosawaheed, 30 Nov -0001

Minister of Islamic Affairs Dr. Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed has said that he does not believe that groups can conquer lands and make their own states.

Dr. Shaheem made this remark in response to the announcement of a caliphate upon the prophetic methodology.

He said that this is not something the scholars of Islam will ever accept. He said that this is done to further divide Iraq.

Dr. Shaheem said that many sunni groups are against the Islamic state which was established.

“The caliphate is illegitimate. Giving pledge of allegiance is invalid. They are calling for falsehood. Many have criticized it and calling them to return to the truth,” he said.

“Bloodshed should be stopped. The people should be given what they want,” he said.

Dr. Shaheem said that such calls are creating divisions among the Muslims and are making the Muslims fall into lots of trials and tribulations.


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