Maumoon’s sole designated representative is Yumna

Maumoon’s sole designated representative is Yumna

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Former President Maumoon has appointed her daughter Yumna Maumoon as the sole designated representative of him, to convey his views to the international community regarding the ongoing political crisis in Maldives.

Maumoon’s lawyer Maumoon Hameed revealed this decision on twitter. He said that, Maumoon gave instructions to Yumna Maumoon on how to act regarding the current crisis and instructed on what to discuss with the international community as well.

Currently former President Maumoon is in detention after the government announced a state of emergency on 5th February. The government accuses Maumoon of bribing the judges in an attempt to overthrow the government. Two Supreme Court justices including the Chief Justice has also been arrested.

Meanwhile, Dunya Maumoon a state minister of the current government has also been meeting with international organizations regarding Maumoon’s arrest. However, Yumna Maumoon, Dunya’s twin sister has been seen closer to Maumoon than Dunya after Maumoon withdrew his support to the current administration.