We are only urging the MPs to uphold the constitution : Qasim

We are only urging the MPs to uphold the constitution : Qasim

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JP Leader Qasim Ibrahim have stated that the only request he has for the parliament members is to uphold the constitution and that he will stay awake day and night to achieve that.

“The 2 bills that will be proposed to the parliament are very dangerous bills. Those bills cannot even be proposed without amending the constitution. Especially the bill about MPs will result in the lost of independence of the MPs. They cannot do anything for the nation. It is similar to putting a leash around the neck of MPs and giving it to the leader of the party” said Qasim.

Qasim texted parliament members advising them not to let others take control of them. He sent this message to Adhurey and Ali Arif as well. From this message it is very clear that Qasim Ibrahim does not require anything from the members or the government and shows that he only wants to uphold the constitution.

Qasim said that in addition to the message, he shared what he talked about on Vmedia with the members as well. He said that the purpose of that was to encourage to conduct the affairs of the state lawfully.
Qasim said that the parliament cannot deliberate on the anti-defection bill and amendments on the judges act. He said that it contradicts with the constitution.

Qasim requested the parliamentarians to abide by the constitution. He said that the parliament passing an unconstitutional act will be damaging to the whole country. “Hence I am trying to bring this to the attention of the parliament members. If there an unconstitutional thing is being done by the MPs it is the responsibility of other MPs to point that out” said Qasim.

In addition he said that there should be 43 members for the parliament to pass any laws. He said that hence any decisions that are taken without 43 members will be invalid.