12 year old kids selected to representMaldives at Football for Friendship programme in Russia

12 year old kids selected to representMaldives at Football for Friendship programme in Russia

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Maldives:Uwais Mohamed andAhmed ZahaanNazeer, 12 year old football enthusiasts from Maldives,have been selected ascountry’s representatives at the global FOOTBALL FOR FRIENDSHIP (F4F) social programme.

The F4F programme, supported by Gazprom and FIFA aims at developing youth football and a healthy lifestyle as well as promoting tolerance, open-mindedness and respect of different cultures and nationalities between children from across the globe.Maldivesjoins the programme for the first time and will participate alongside 210 other countries and regions.

Uwais will join Young footballers from around the world in Moscow in June 2018. The children will be a part of the 32 International Teams of Friendship and play against each other in the Gazprom FOOTBALL FOR FRIENDSHIP International Championship. The friendly tournament aimstobring together children from around the world andcelebrate the unifying spirit of football.

Ahmed will act as the young journalist and report on all the local and global activities of the F4F programme as part of the International Children's Press Center. He will also spread awareness on the Nine Values (friendship, equality, fairness, health, peace, devotion, victory, traditions and honour) of the F4F programme.

Uwais and Ahmed will also participate in the Sixth Football for Friendship International Children's Forum in Russia, which will allow youngsters to meet their peers from other countries, share their experiences, anddiscuss with famous footballers and journalists on how to promote key values of the F4F Programme around the world.

The sixth season of the F4F programme will conclude with a visit by the participating children to the opening ceremony and the first match of the FIFA World Cup 2018.

Speaking on the selection of the young ambassadors by theFootball Association of Maldives, President Mr. BassamAdeel Jaleel said,“The selection of the young ambassadors from Maldives is an extension of our support to this unique global initiative. The programme is a wonderful opportunity for the ambassadors to build ties of friendship among children from around the world and foster peace and harmony through the beautiful game of football.We wish our young ambassadors all the best for the programme and look forward to their contribution in promoting the key values of the programme, in Russia, as well as in Maldives”